Every time when you go out of your residence, play around in the condo`s park with your kids, walking down the street or coming home after a long meeting at work, you suddenly step on that disgusting dog`s stool and precisely its not from your mascot. You feel a disagreeable sensation of frustration and anger, so immediately you go and complain about it to the manager of the condominium, but can really the manager handle or help to prevent this situation? For the benefit of all, the answer is YES. At present, thanks of the advance of science and technology you can match the ADN of the dog with its poop and find out which resident is the owner of the canine by a simple test, avoiding to stain your shoes once again by cautioning the owner of the dog, or worse still preventing to catch a disease, because these leavings contain parasites, viruses, bacterium who provoke gastrointestinal and ophthalmologist diseases, cyst and even abortion.

But what happen to the owners who don`t care whether they pick up the poop or not?

They have to DO IT, because It`s the law!!!.

In fact, the laws have been for decades forcing pet owners to pick up their dog poop and of course some municipalities exempt property owners from picking up dog waste in their own yard, but all is changing due the extreme environmental and health risk involved with dog poop.

Bare in mind that the eggs of the parasites float in the environment and they can be absorb by any person`s breathing. Besides, they (parasites) can spawn and sprawl in any reservoir of drinking water affecting entire communities. Now then collecting your dog`s poop and putting it into the trash can prevent public health diseases and halt the proliferation of many viruses that nowadays plague the world.

In conclusion we must be cautious about this matter because it affects all of us in many ways, so please be a good neighbor, pick up your dog`s poop and prevent being fined because at the end nobody wants to “waste” money due dog`s stools.

Statistics & facts:

  • The average-sized dog produces 272 pounds of waste a year and 40% goes un-scooped.
  • Puppies and Kittens are especially likely to have hookworm infections.
  • Animals that are infected can pass hookworm eggs in their stools.
  • Middle-sized dog has twice the impact on the earth than driving a luxury SUV 10.000 miles.
  • The parasites deceases are chronicle, it means that a children can ingest parasite eggs and get sick as adult after many years.
  • Reports say 75 per cent decrease in waste after using ADN sample tests.
  • The EPA places dog waste in the same health category as oil and toxic chemicals.
  • Children are at particular risk of infection in areas where dog waste is allowed to contaminate de soil.
  • Typical dog piles contain 3 billion bacteria which pollute streams, lakes and rivers.