A few days ago I was in my office and suddenly I received the wonderful news that I was going to be transferred to another city and better yet, a possible better salary too. Many of you could think that moving out of a city is a stressful experience; you leave behind friends, your cozy home or maybe that little coffee shop where you get breakfast every morning. For me, in my mid-20’s it is so exciting to know new friends and why not? Live in another part of the world.

But I had huge problem and it was my DOG! So I was wondering, with whom I was going to leave my best buddy? I lived in house where the yard was so spacious and there was no problem with the dog`s stools and to be honest my dog didn’t behave at all. By the end I was forced to bring him with me because there was no other alternative.

Now I live in condo where every tenant has dogs but the management has rules. One of them is that we must register the Dogs in a DNA test company and every owner must pick up the dog`s messes and in case we do not obey the rules, they match the DNA of the dog with its stools and you will be fined with $100 if you are the culprit.

My first two months in the condo was a nightmare. My dogĀ didn’t behave and sometimes I was late for work and as result I didn’t pick up the poop. I had problems with the manager, neighbors and also I was fined. But after reading some articles and hearing some advises from dog owners I found some solutions for this matter:

Number one: Before we rent a place, we must read the rules of the leaser. Some places do not accept big dogs or they are not allowed.

Number two: Find a place comfortable for you and your dog. For example: sometimes we rent apartments located in the fifth floor but it`s really a headache when your dog has to do its necessities.

Number three: I know that training your dog can be tedious but if you have extra cash you can hire a dog trainer. Imagine that you are in the elevator and your dog can not control itself. The result is an elevator full of stools.

Number four: Try to find parks and public spaces near to you where you dog can play and drop the load. Remember always to bring a bag with you.

Finally we have to acknowledge that we are the culprits of the dog`s messes and sometimes we act in a selfish way blaming them for everything, so please be gentle with them because they are our truly friends.