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PooPrints is simple and cost-effective, with choices to fit your community's needs. Properties Managers first order DNA Collection Kits for each dog on the property. Pet owners will use this simple cheek swab kit to collect DNA and enroll their pet.

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Once all community pets are enrolled in PooPrints, you will notice cleaner grounds with more tenants picking up after their pets. If a waste pile is found on the grounds, a sample can be matched to the correct dog and the tenant can be consulted if a problem arises.

PooPrints Florida In The News

/PooPrints Florida In The News

Watch a report from WSVN TV 7 News on how DNA Pet Waste Management is helping Miami communities.


Pooprints has made it “accross the pond”.  Our friends in Great Britain are planning to use DNA Pet Waste Management to help clean up their cities.  Watch the story from BBC Radio 4


Watch a report from FOX 5 about how the city uses DNA to track dog owners who don’t pick up.

PooPrints Florida Blog

The truth behind the water we drink

By |March 4th, 2016|Categories: News|

Have you ever wonder what`s inside the water we drink? Maybe we could think there are only molecules and atoms but actually there are tiny microorganisms we should be aware, like bacterium and parasites. Nowadays pollute water produces 502.000 deaths per year. The majority of the deaths are caused by diseases like diarrhea, cholera and typhoid fever, but the strange thing is most of the cases of these of diseases occur in undeveloped countries especially where the poorest people live. One of the causes of these problems is that poorest countries don`t have water treatment plants and most of city`s sea wages end up in lakes and rivers, bearing the contamination of drinking water. Well then, we don`t have to worry about pollute water right? Because we live in a country where we have waste water treatment plants and most of the water we drink is filtrated ,but sadly we are completely wrong. Lawn fertilizers, rinse water from driveways and motor oil commonly end up in streams and lakes but there is another public health enemy that is affecting all of us and we don`t even notice, which is Dog`s poop. Sorry dog lovers but the cruel reality is that dog`s poop unlike those above-mentioned sources, generates disease-causing bacteria that can make people sick. Studies done in the last few years put dogs third or fourth on the list of contributors to bacteria in contaminated waters and the name of the so-called bacteria is coliform which spread through feces. Dog also carry salmonella and giardia. For skeptics, according to USAToday`s article in the mid-1990s, scientists perfected methods for tracking the origin of nasty bacteria in steams and seawater. The trail has led straight to the dog`s stools and even worse the research confirmed that in some beaches, dogs help raise [...]

Moving out with your best friend (your dog)

By |March 3rd, 2016|Categories: News, Poo Pet|

A few days ago I was in my office and suddenly I received the wonderful news that I was going to be transferred to another city and better yet, a possible better salary too. Many of you could think that moving out of a city is a stressful experience; you leave behind friends, your cozy home or maybe that little coffee shop where you get breakfast every morning. For me, in my mid-20's it is so exciting to know new friends and why not? Live in another part of the world. But I had huge problem and it was my DOG! So I was wondering, with whom I was going to leave my best buddy? I lived in house where the yard was so spacious and there was no problem with the dog`s stools and to be honest my dog didn't behave at all. By the end I was forced to bring him with me because there was no other alternative. Now I live in condo where every tenant has dogs but the management has rules. One of them is that we must register the Dogs in a DNA test company and every owner must pick up the dog`s messes and in case we do not obey the rules, they match the DNA of the dog with its stools and you will be fined with $100 if you are the culprit. My first two months in the condo was a nightmare. My dog didn't behave and sometimes I was late for work and as result I didn't pick up the poop. I had problems with the manager, neighbors and also I was fined. But after reading some articles and hearing some advises from dog owners I found some solutions for this matter: Number one: Before we rent a place, we must [...]

Pick it up or Swallow it, How to deal with dog’s Stools

By |February 10th, 2016|Categories: Poo Pet|

Every time when you go out of your residence, play around in the condo`s park with your kids, walking down the street or coming home after a long meeting at work, you suddenly step on that disgusting dog`s stool and precisely its not from your mascot. You feel a disagreeable sensation of frustration and anger, so immediately you go and complain about it to the manager of the condominium, but can really the manager handle or help to prevent this situation? For the benefit of all, the answer is YES. At present, thanks of the advance of science and technology you can match the ADN of the dog with its poop and find out which resident is the owner of the canine by a simple test, avoiding to stain your shoes once again by cautioning the owner of the dog, or worse still preventing to catch a disease, because these leavings contain parasites, viruses, bacterium who provoke gastrointestinal and ophthalmologist diseases, cyst and even abortion. But what happen to the owners who don`t care whether they pick up the poop or not? They have to DO IT, because It`s the law!!!. In fact, the laws have been for decades forcing pet owners to pick up their dog poop and of course some municipalities exempt property owners from picking up dog waste in their own yard, but all is changing due the extreme environmental and health risk involved with dog poop. Bare in mind that the eggs of the parasites float in the environment and they can be absorb by any person`s breathing. Besides, they (parasites) can spawn and sprawl in any reservoir of drinking water affecting entire communities. Now then collecting your dog`s poop and putting it into the trash can prevent public health diseases and halt the proliferation of [...]