Since my last post about the disgusting trouble of dealing with dog`s poop, I`ve been noticing in the news and even in my community that more apartment complexes are opting to DNA tests on dog`s stools to reduce the incidence of animal`s feces nearby their lawns, sidewalks etc. Leaving behind bag dispensers for the owners or hiring personnel to do this kind of chore.

What matters most is that finally some pet owners are realizing and becoming aware this is problem of public health rather than just a smear in your shoes. But According to a article I skimmed, one condo resident says that the piles got to be a real problem, he found himself picking up other people`s dog`s messes more than his own dogs because he didn`t want step in, but the problem is far beyond that, there are diseases and parasites involved in the poop but this another topic. So the management of this condo started to implement this system (DNA) and surprisingly it`s only faced one lone “poop-predator” in month…Wow!!!. Another fact! The management chargers only 30$ to cover the cost of getting your dog into database which is cheap because…. Come on!! We spent more than that in silly stuff.

From my point of view this is so great because at last the manager can find the culprit, unlike my condominium where everyone blames each other of the messes left by their dogs but no one is guilty as charged.

Another thing what captured my attention is that the fines are really strict in places where the DNA test is implemented, the first offense will cost offenders 100$. The second offense is 150$ and the third time which honestly is so harsh, the tenant and the dog will be asked to move out or evicted. So let`s behave and pick up our dog`s waste because is not the dog`s fault, indeed is our responsibility to keep them clean and healthy as well as our surroundings.